Event Postponed – We will update you shortly.

The Event

Come and listen to six amazing speakers for an afternoon of entertainment and fun. Ticket holders receive a welcome drink of choice plus a slice of delicious cake. Please support this fundraising event for ‘Christmas Presents for Kids in Care’.

The Event will be held in the Helensvale Library Auditorium. Doors open at 12.30pm when you can collect your ‘goodie’ bag and programme and enjoy your welcome drink. Additional drinks are available at our cash bar.

July 13, 2019 starts at 1230pm – 430pm
Networking/ Cake / Beverages

$15 per person (Includes cake and one beverage)


Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre Auditorium
Lindfield Rd & Sir John Overall Dr,
Helensvale QLD 4212

Our Speakers

Sally Prosser

GREAT TO MEET YOU – I’m Sally – No matter who you are or what you do, your voice speaks volumes about you. It’s the soundtrack of your personal brand and impacts every person you speak to.When mum took me to my first speech & drama lesson, I was an excited 8-year-old, who thought “Wow – I get to speak on stage!” This was my first step in learning how to take control of my voice – a skill that changed my life forever.My career went from strength to strength, from running a successful speech & drama school of my own, to TV and radio news reporting to acting as a company spokesperson.Having confidence in my voice made employers take me seriously when I was a young professional. It’s why I’m comfortable introducing myself to strangers and I know my voice is the reason people listen when I speak.I believe in the power of voice, because everyone has that power within.I also believe in the power of being an indulgent Aunty, an AirBnB SuperHost and enjoying good wine and cheese.Sally’s qualifications include a Licentiate Diploma in Speech & Drama through the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board), a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Wollongong.

Adam Nicholson

I am an experienced strategic marketing, communications and engagement professional specialising in influencing customer perceptions and behavior through integrated marketing communications campaigns and targeted community engagement programs built on quantifiable customer and community research.My background in journalism, government relations and issues management enables me to effectively position organisations within sensitive and challenging corporate and political environments while my experience with customer insights data allows me to deliver consistent, measurable progress against strategic business objectives. 

Iain Ferguson

I am passionate about the benefits of promoting and marketing through a platform that the whole family can engage with – Marketing on the Gold Coast? – Lets Chat 

Tania Dell’Amico

Area Manager at InvoCare and is looking forward to speaking at the event and give us an insight into how she helps the community.

Violeta Jardin

I have a strong passion for and interest in developing POC Patient Blood Management initiatives in the clinical setting. 

Kent Jefferies

We welcome Kent Jefferies a self contained foodie.He has an interesting story to share on his journey in the foodie industry.

The Charity

Help us to make Christmas merry for kids in care. Christmas is that time of the year when everyone wants to be with their family. Unfortunately some boys and girls living in our community are not so lucky. They are in the age group from the ages 12-18 and have ended up in residential housing because adoption and foster family care did not work out for them. Most of these youngsters have had a very troubled childhood and that’s why they have found themselves with no loving family to take care of them. That really hurts especially at Christmas when people are coming together and sharing gifts to show they care. The idea of Christmas Gifts for Kids in Community Care is a project born out of a casual conversation with a customer of mine called Debbie who works for the Department of Communities, Child Safety Services. Her definition of why these kids are in care is as follows: ‘The reasons why these kids cannot be with a family are varied – but simply put, foster carers struggle with challenging teenage behaviours and usually won’t accept kids over 12 years of age. Some kids have multiple disabilities combined with trauma, high risk activities, drugs, crime and disengagement from school. Foster carers cannot manage all this, especially if they have their own family or do not have the coping skills. Some kids don’t live anywhere, they just couch surf around and we try to find and support them. Many kids don’t want to stay in any one place. The young people are housed in homes that are run by Not for Profit agencies that use paid staff to care for the teenagers. The houses are sometimes owned by these agencies or rented from private owners. The kids are still classified as being in foster care but just not in a family. We call them ‘residentials’ – with paid youth workers to play the role of foster carers. Realising that there are so many youngsters and young adults with no family to love, or to love them at Christmas broke my heart. I therefore decided to set up a charity that had a simple aim – to show those who have no loved ones that there is someone out there who cares. By Christmas 2014 friends and I had managed to put together 6 gift boxes for 6 teenage boys, and I gave them to my customer who then had them distributed to the local authorities. I found out later the gift boxes were very much appreciated. I really wanted to try and give a gift for every boy and girl who found themselves in these difficult personal circumstances. . In 2016 we did 86 bags, then grew massively in 2017 to 120 presents and then 2018 was 180 presents. We would love to grow this project to cover the whole of Queensland. Each gift box cost around $50 and contains; some stationery, a box of chocolates and lollies plus we try to include something that they have requested e.g. make-up, art supplies or things for hobbies. Every donation is welcome and appreciated – even a donation of $1.50 would buy one of the beautiful gift bags we use each year. With your kind contribution we can make many children feel that there is someone who cares about them and wants them to feel loved at Christmas so please share this page with your friends and colleagues.


For any further information on this event or the charity please contact

Jane Padden on 0425 326 891 or email us forkidsincare@outlook.com.